Sunday, July 17, 2011

Happy to announce the role of Emily has been cast

There is a saying "Write what you know," as a student film maker I also have found the wisdom in writing a script that my parents can afford to fund. Sure blowing up a Bugatti as the climax of a chase scene through the streets of Paris might be exciting, but not financially possible. As a result the film will be shot in various locations around Chicago.
Those spot include locations Lincoln Park, Old Town, and Grant Park. There will be a mix of both interior and exterior sites.
Alexis Grossman has agreed to play the part of Emily
 I have been able to cast most parts for the film. To date the cast includes:

Samatha (Sam) Perry        Loyola Academy
Jack Marrinson                Walter Payton
Lane J. Lubell                   Latin School
Alexis Grossman.             Glenbrook North
James Garlin                    In from LA
Dante Lavia                      Francis Parker
Joe Guinan                       Fenwick High
Marla Garlin                     In From LA

Judy & Jerry Lubell          Grand Parents (Type Cast)

Friday, July 8, 2011

Curb Your Enthusiasm / Season 8

I have been spending the past days in New York at Passport NYC Film camp.
They arrainged for tickets to see the cast of HBO’s, Curb Your Enthusiasm here at 92Y. 
We got to see the first episode of the upcoming new season (that airs this Sunday, July 10th)

The show was great. The season premiere was flawless!
The panel however, was hosted by the surprisingly comical Brian Williams of the Nightly News on NBC. Jeff, Susie, Cheryl, & of course, Larry himself were all present. It was a great night. And when Larry said his 2 biggest idols were Woody Allen & Mel Brooks, I lit up like a lightbulb.

Thanks Jeff Garlin for getting it set up so we could attend and have our picture taken with the cast.