Friday, June 8, 2012

Lane J Lubell Begins New Film Project

Project Shoeshine.

Lane J Lubell
The script is written and we are just a week away from beginning filming. This is a whimsical comedy populated by a charming, but eccentric cast of actors reacting to events that makes perfect sense to them. 

I am pleased and excited that Natalia grudzien (Robin and Her Wolf) has agreed to take the leading role of "Summer."

The cast includes a number of trusted friends, and talented actors who have come to my aid in past projects. As a high school film-maker with no budget to speak of; clearly no one is giving their time for financial gain; so I am very grateful for their friendship and continued support.


Summer     Natalia grudzien

Vince          Jack Marrinson  

Max             Cullen Welch

Luna            Hope Clark