Sunday, December 23, 2012

A Music Video I Shot for the Headhunters

Check out this video of "The Headhunters" on YouTube: This was my first attempt at shooting concert footage. The Lighting there sucked. While it sort of worked for those in the bar, for filming theere was too little illumination. It forced me to shoot at a higher ISO than I would have liked, and to shoot wide open. I'm going back again and bringing my own lights.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

This is the song that will play during the "Stripping scene," (relax, there is no nudity)  
I'm happy to announce Victoria Landcaster was nice enough to add some vocals  throughout the song but this is prior to me going back into to ProTools and adding her contribution.  That said it's enough to give you an Idea.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

  • Todays shoot took place in Highland Park, both at my Aunt and Uncles house, as well as the beach a block from their home.

  • Direction on the beach — with Natalia Grudzien.
    Direction on the beach

    Prepping in sexy poses (Both of you)
  • I wish I could say the weather cooporated, but we had a 3 hour down time while we waited for a storm to pass.

  • The plot — with Jack Marrinson and Natalia Grudzien.
  • The plot

    Max (Cullen Trahern Welch) on the phone with Summer (Natalia Grudzien)
    This is that "Glimmer" in Natalia's eyes I was talking about on Sunday which literally made my day.
    This is that "Glimmer" in @[1361761039:2048:Natalia]'s eyes I was talking about on Sunday which literally made my day.
  • Photo

  • Max (Cullen Trahern Welch) on the phone with Summer (Natalia Grudzien)
    Back in chicago, this time in my room.
    Max (@[511243880:2048:Cullen Trahern Welch]) on the phone with Summer (@[1361761039:2048:Natalia Grudzien])
(a fantastic photo of @[100001553728932:2048:Jack Marrinson])

    Friday, June 8, 2012

    Lane J Lubell Begins New Film Project

    Project Shoeshine.
    Lane J Lubell
    The script is written and we are just a week away from beginning filming. This is a whimsical comedy populated by a charming, but eccentric cast of actors reacting to events that makes perfect sense to them. 

    I am pleased and excited that Natalia grudzien (Robin and Her Wolf) has agreed to take the leading role of "Summer."

    The cast includes a number of trusted friends, and talented actors who have come to my aid in past projects. As a high school film-maker with no budget to speak of; clearly no one is giving their time for financial gain; so I am very grateful for their friendship and continued support.


    Summer     Natalia grudzien

    Vince          Jack Marrinson  

    Max             Cullen Welch

    Luna            Hope Clark



    Friday, April 27, 2012

    2012 Chicagoland High School Film Festival

    "Yay! "Robin and Her Wolf"  was officially accepted as a finalist to the Chicagoland High School Film Festival. The film will be shown along with several other works by fellow student filmmakers from all accross Chicago and suburbs. I was fortunate to have been selected last year as well; and I must say I was impressed by the quality of films produced by each of the finalists.  
    To the cast  and all thouse that helped make Robin & her Wolf come together, 'Congrats guys! Its because of you all that this movie is a success"
    The Chicagoland High School Film Festival, gives high School students an unique opportunity to enter and show the films they have worked so hard to create. True there are Children’s film festivals, but since those events are geared toward films who’s language and content are appropriate to be viewed by young children, this event allows young film makers to exhibit works that are relevant to the issues and interests of teen filmmakers.


    2012 Film Festival Finalists

    Academic Integrity by Geoff Neal, Hayden McAfee, Frank Henderson, Jacob Hellinga, Patrick McGrail Lake Forest High School 13:11

    Derivation by Nhan Huynh. Palatine High School 2:21
    Robin and Her Wolf  by Lane Lubell. Latin School of Chicago 12:55

    The Following by Jess Greenthin. Palatine High 1:02

    Heart and Soul by Anna Price. Palatine High School 3:18
    Bridge by Devitt Conboy. Fenwick High School 7:00

    John Shepphard Skate Contest by Patrick McGrail. Lake Forest High School 3:54

    HIV/AIDS Awareness 2010 by Brittany Hardaway. Dunbar High School 2:51
    Letter From a Stranger by Grant Terzakis. New Trier High School 11:47

    Q-Tips by Brittany Hardaway. Dunbar High School 1:00

    The Dream Act by Nayelly Trujillo. Juarez High School/Street-Level Youth Media 7:00

    Room For One by Andre Kaplan. Latin School of Chicago 5:40

    Party at the School by Brittany Hardaway. Dunbar High School 3:43

    Invite your friends, family, teachers and neighbors–this is a celebration of you and your work.
    Tickets are only $3.00 for students and $5 for adults. Tickets can be reserved or purchased at the door.

    We will have popcorn, water and a few concessions available to purchase.

    6:30-9 PM Friday, May 18
    Wrigley Theatre,
    Latin School of Chicago
    59 W. North Blvd.
    Chicago, IL 60610

    Monday, April 9, 2012