Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Final day of Principle Photography

I spent the three days prior to the shoot checking multiple online weather services, since rain is a factor beyond my control, and with much of my cast just days away form taking off for college, it was unlikely I would be able to reschedule. Mason Speta had did the impossible, maneuvered around 12 people's conflicting schedules to line up the 3 days I needed, so we were going to shoot "Rain-or-shine."
Well the rain held off; so I made a mental note to offer a sacrifice to the "God of filming on location.."

Luck was further going my way when I received calls from both Kat Wanger and Hunter Dunn, each back in town, each asking if they could be of any help. Considering my total "Tech Crew" is comprised of my dad and myself; sure, I'm always happy to have any help I can get. The thing is, both Kat and Hunter are talented actresses; so I could not resist the opportunity to find someway to work them into the film.
While it was too late to write major parts for them, I was glad I was able to get them screen-time.

Getting ready to kill off an obstacle .

Got to love the taste of stage blood.


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