Saturday, August 9, 2014

First day shooting done

Well the first day's shooting is "In-the-can" as they say, or used to say- now its on 3 CF cards. well to be accurate, it's on the cards, and the audio files are on the Tascam as well as 3 separate iPhones. The idea of plugging lav. mics into iPhones is new to me, but I was trying to find a way to get clean audio for actors when the shot is too wide to get the boom mic close enough, and do accomplish this without multiple expensive wireless transmitters.

 I asked a lot from the cast and they delivered. I was very happy about the performances, they got the tone right, they "Sold" their characters. It was a long day,  I can afford to pay people, in between scenes they're  acting in, they happily help move lights, hold a boom-pole; so I'm always concerned that people are having some fun, and are at least fed. The pizzas for lunch worked well, and the late night pancakes were a big hit.

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